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Ultra-wideband MT Systems

The best combination of quality, flexibility, and simplicity our team of engineers and technicians has ever assembled

Designed in Canada, Ready for the World

Built to work with Phoenix sensors and EMPower software, next-generation MTU-5C, MTU-8A, and RXU-8A receivers are designed to survive life in the field and provide excellent geophysical results.


Nearly 50 years of equipment design and field experience come together at Phoenix to make our receiver systems high-performance, simple, and rugged– doing their job so you can do yours, wherever you need to go.


Quality Control Built-In

The bright, built-in colour screen on every Phoenix receiver shows every user what’s going on right in the field, without needing any other device to make sure everything is connected, ready, and working.


Automatic system and recording diagnostics, in-field calibration capability, and extensive metadata ensure proper logging of system performance and field operations.


Easy Configuration and Easy Operation

Configuration files on the SD card set every receiver parameter, from decimation rates to filter settings. Making new config files takes just seconds using EMPower’s visual Config Creator.


Single-button start means field operators can focus on field operations, not data entry, helping to avoid mistakes and keep crews moving.


Up to 8 independent channels with their own gain, filter, and sensor type settings provide maximum flexibility, and with no adaptors or separate sensor power supplies required, equipment layout is intuitive and clear.

Designed to work with Phoenix sensors, MTU-5C, MTU-8A and RXU-8A connect directly to MTC-155 and MTC-185 broadband coils, with increased dynamic range. Older MTC-150, MTC-180, MTC-50H, MTC-80H, and AMTC-30 sensors also connect directly, with no adaptors, splitter cables, or additional power supply required.


Two Paths to Broadband

Using MTC-155/185 sensors, Phoenix receivers record the entire spectrum from 10kHz down to thousands of seconds. MTU-8A has 6 magnetic inputs, allowing an alternative path to 10kHz-10ksec broadband by connecting a full set of three MTC-50H and three AMTC-30 sensors at the same time.


Works with Phoenix Sensors

Fluxgates Supported

MTU-5C, MTU-8A and RXU-8A work directly with Bartington Mag13-MS70, Bartington Mag03MSES70,  and LEMI-039 fluxgate sensors, enabling more efficient long-period measurements. EMpower also supports configuring these fluxgates and correctly processing their results.

Connected Everywhere

With built-in ethernet networking and simple network configuration, every Phoenix receiver can upload data to a remote server by cellular or satellite modem. Want remote station data at the base camp before heading to the site in the morning? Phoenix systems let you do that.


In a fully-connected survey, all data quality decisions can be made –and made with the benefit of remote reference processing– before a crew even goes out to the field in the morning, improving QC, reducing unnecessary repeats, and eliminating data transfer and evaluation by the operating crew.


Once uploaded, the time series can be immediately and securely shared with clients, consultants, and geoscientists back at the office for review, planning and backup.


Powerful and Power Efficient

Phoenix receivers offer selectable data sampling rates from full-rate 24ksps recording that generates about 1GB/hour all the way down to sparse high frequency sampling outputting 10MB/hour (0.01GB/hr), with typical settings generating about 1GB of data per overnight 5-component recording.


This allows users the option of full-rate recording to capture every high frequency event during the acquisition time, or optional progressive levels of sparse sampling decimation to reduce file sizes and data transfer requirements.


At about 1 Watt per channel, Phoenix receivers are the most power-efficient true broadband systems available. Able to run for days on a normal car battery, they also allow inputs from 10.8V to 14V, making it easy to use more modern batteries.

Field of Flowers

Massive Storage

With standard 64GB of removable storage and support for up to 512GB SD cards, Phoenix receivers are able to record more than 500 days of normal 5-channel MT timeseries, and 2000 days using the long-term sparse sampling mode. 


Incredibly rugged and reliable, SD cards are rated to –25C / 85C, shock and impact resistant, waterproof, and x-ray proof. They are also highly compatible, fast, and supported card types are readily available at reasonable cost.

Easy Diagnostics & Maintenance 

With simple tools and easy-to-follow assembly guides for end-user maintenance, all connectors, buttons and data acquisition channels user replaceable in about 30 minutes. ANG01 and Receiver Test Kit are essential companions for users doing their own front-line maintenance.

Thousands of Systems Sold to 100+ Countries

Since 1997, Phoenix has delivered thousands of MTU systems to users in over 100 countries. Like earlier systems, MTU-5C/8A receivers have worked on every continent, including Antarctica.

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