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Controlled Source Sytems

Controlled source systems combine the power of Phoenix receivers with versatile current sources

Designed in Canada, Ready for the World

Built to work with Phoenix T3, T4 and TXU-30 current sources, next-generation RXU-8A and previous-generation V8-6R controlled-source multi-function systems are designed to survive life in the field and provide excellent geophysical results.


Nearly 50 years of equipment design and field experience come together at Phoenix to make our receiver systems high-performance, simple, and rugged– doing their job so you can do yours, wherever you need to go.


High-Efficiency CSAMT

Combined with Phoenix sensors, current sources, and processing software, next-generation RXU-8As form a high-efficiency electromagnetic prospecting system, able to acquire CSAMT data in addition to ultra-wideband AMT/MT data. 

Each RXU-8A has 5 telluric and 3 magnetic channels; operating independently, many receivers can be deployed simultaneously by a single crew.


MTU-5C and MTU-8A systems can also be used for CSAMT acquisition, and even used in a mixed fleet with RXU-8As.

Previous-generation V8-6R systems also acquire a wide range of controlled-source electromagnetic geophysical data, including:

  • MT / AMT (legacy MTU-5A type only)

  • CSAMT (legacy V8 type only)

  • Induced Polarization (time and frequency domain, phase and spectral)


  • Resistivity


Quality Control Built-In

The bright, built-in colour screen on every RXU-8A shows essential information, helping field crews ensure everything is working as it should. 

On the Phoenix V8-6R, the large, built-in colour screen and full keyboard gives the operator hands-on control of the entire data acquisition process for all the most common geophysical controlled source and natural source techniques.

Designed to work with Phoenix sensors, RXU-8As connect directly to MTC-155 and MTC-185 broadband coils, no adaptors required. Older MTC-50H, MTC-80H, and AMTC-30 sensors are also compatible– no adaptors required.


The V8-6R connects to MTC-150 and MTC-180 broadband coils with an adaptor box; legacy MTC-50H, MTC-80H, and AMTC-30 sensors can be used with a 3-way splitter cable. The Phoenix MULTEM receiving loop is light, portable, and connects easily to the V8-6R for TDEM data recording.


Works with Phoenix Sensors

T3 Current Source

The T-3 is a lightweight, versatile multipurpose signal source for use in a variety of geophysical techniques. Weighing only 12 kg, it is easily transportable on a backpack over virtually any terrain. The T-3 can drive either inductive loads (loops) used in TDEM or FDEM techniques, or grounded dipoles used in IP, Resistivity, and CSAMT techniques.


Powered by one or more external 12 V batteries or by Phoenix’s selectable-voltage BP-24/72 battery pack, the T2 allows a range of inputs. Alternatively, the power source can be a standard geophysical motor generator, or any of a number of commercially available 50 Hz or 60 Hz motor generators. This flexibility means that the power source, along with parts and service, can be obtained almost anywhere in the world.


T4 Current Source

Rugged, reliable, and field-proven the T-4 is a lightweight, highly effective signal source for use with the TDEM geophysical technique. Weighing only 8 kg, it is easily transportable by backpack over virtually any terrain and is battery-powered for maximum flexibility.


TXU-30 Current Source

Phoenix’s most powerful controlled source, hundreds of TXU-30 systems have been used around the world for mining and hydrocarbon exploration. At less than 50kg, the TXU-30 remains portable and compact while transmitting tremendous power.

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