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World Leader in Magnetotellurics

Industrial Engineer

UMT Applications

Oil and Gas exploration, base and precious metals exploration, geothermal exploration, groundwater exploration, reservoir monitoring, geotechnical surveys, deep crustal investigations, earthquake precursor research


Downloads & Support

EMpower software, receiver firmware, and documentation


Ultra-wideband MT Systems

The best combination of quality, flexibility, and simplicity our team of engineers and technicians has ever assembled


EMpower Software

Fast, flexible, interactive data processing and data management software for Windows, macOS and Linux

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True broadband magnetometers and specialized band-limited sensors


Controlled Source Systems

Controlled source systems combine the power of Phoenix receivers with versatile current sources


Phoenix systems are used by contractors, universities and government agencies in over 100 countries for exploration and research. We’ve been in Toronto designing and building instrumentation since 1975, have 50 people on our team, speak a dozen languages in our office, and work all over the world.

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Global Since 1975

Users have 1000s of Phoenix systems in over 100 of countries, and working on all 7 continents. Everywhere you go, our systems can keep up and our tech support can follow.

Designed for the Field

45 years of design and field experience ensure Phoenix systems can get the job done, and then keep working on the next job. 

Integrated Systems

Phoenix Sensors, Software, and Receivers are complete systems that work together and are ready to go, covering MT, AMT, CSAMT, IP and TDEM techniques.

Exploration and Research

Our EM techniques have been used effectively around the world on exploration surveys for Base and Precious metals, Oil and Gas, Diamonds, Geothermal systems, and Groundwater, along with Engineering studies, Reservoir Monitoring, Earthquake Prediction Research, and Deep Crustal Research.

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“For routine MT data collection, the 5Cs are a significant step-up in capability compared with the 5As.”

Grant Caldwell, New Zealand

“We are really impressed by the simplicity of the Network Data Upload Configuration.”

Prof. Emin Candasayar, Turkey


“Not only is it a robust, state-of-the-art unit, it is now allowing us to conduct research

in a different way… The ability to stream data onto our servers from distant lands really is something special.”


Colin Hogg, DIAS, Ireland

"Equipment from Phoenix stands out

for its ease of use and in particular the EMPOWER software has features that have made our acquisition tasks much easier."

LithoSphera Ltda, Colombia

"The success we have achieved on this ground breaking project was in no small part due to

the – ‘they just work’ – nature of the new Phoenix MT UMT systems and software."

Graham Hill, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czechia

I would highly recommend the TXU-30 to anyone that requires a high output, extremely reliable transmitter, which offers amazing flexibility in waveform selection for both electromagnetic and electrical mineral exploration geophysics.

Brent Robertson, Discovery International Geophysics, Canada

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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